Simply Cooking with fresh ingredients and love

    Our Philosophy


    e offer two hour cooking classes designed for both the beginning and gourmet home chef. Each class we dish out our culinary knowledge, share our joy of cooking, answer any questions and explore various techniques to prepare wonderful home cooked meals in a comfortable kitchen environment.

    We have designed our informative classes to increase your repertoire of recipes and to enhance your knowledge of cooking and baking techniques.

    Each class will include the use of farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients to create visually appealing and delicious tasting dishes. After the demonstration we gather together around the table to enjoy the food we prepared in class and each other’s company with an accompanying beverage or a glass of wine. In addition, you are will receive a packet of all the recipes to take home with you. Each class is approximately 2 hours in length.

    Years ago there was only one way to learn to cook and that was to watch a relative, or family friend, cook in their home kitchen. This is how we learned and now we want to pass our knowledge on to you.

    Cooking meals at home is much more that nourishment. It is the way we strengthen relationships, the way we show we care for each other. Cooking and eating together develops our humanism. It cultivates a capacity for sharing and thoughtfulness of others.

    Marion Cunningham

    Just like Marion Cunningham we believe cooking is not only about technique and taste, but also about sharing and community. In our classes you will not only have a chance to learn but also a chance to sit down with others at our table and savor a meal together.

    Stacey Blaschke